Tech 411: How to Upload Photos To Facebook


I have had several people ask me how to upload photos from my computer to Facebook so here is the 411 of their 911.

Uploading photos is not really hard once you know how to do it but I am here to help you get over that hump.    If you need to move photos from your camera to your computer check THIS out.

To start, it would probably be helpful to open Facebook in another window so that you can put this window and that one side-by-side.  Go up to your bookmarks and right-click on FACEBOOK.  Click OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW.  Now up at the upper right corner of each window you will see three buttons. One has a line, one a box and one an X.  On both windows click the middle BOX one and then put the windows side-by-side.  You are ready to begin.


Uploading A Single Photo

First On your Facebook page, click on Add Photos/Videos.


Click on Upload Photos/Videos


When this window appears, click on the folder your photo is in.  You may have to go looking for it if it is not in one of these folders.  You can either click on the folder and click OPEN at the bottom or you can double click on the folder.


Click on the photo,  Click OPEN.


Your photo will upload to Facebook.  Once you see it fully uploaded, click POST.  It may take awhile to upload if the photo is large.


Congratulations!  You just uploaded your first Facebook photo!


Uploading Multiple Photos To An Album

On your Facebook Page Click on Create Photo/Album


With your LEFT hand forefinger, press and hold down the CTRL button on the bottom left side of your keyboard while you click on all of the photos you want with your mouse. (with your right, hand, of course)  Click OPEN.


Your photos will start to upload.


Your photos will be view-able in the center.  You may wish to go through the photos to make sure everything is as you want it.


On the left upper side, create a name for your album.  Click POST on the lower left.

And there is your album!  Ta da!


You can click on your profile page to make sure they posted which they should, but some of us with OCD like to check anyway.


And there it is!  You have published your first Facebook album!


I am hoping to post more how-to’s in the future so keep checking back!


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