52 Weeks Of Gratitude…… Anticpation!


This week’s challenge was to write about what I was looking forward to.  What I most look forward to is…..

Out annual trip to the mountains in northern Pennsylvania.


     We usually travel here with my family at least once a year.  It is in a beautiful setting nestled in the heart of the Loyalsock State Forest.

auntloisribbon     We have been going here since I was a couple of years old.

We used to go with my Aunt Lois, Uncle Elmer and their four boys but my own family has grown so much and my aunt passed away eight years ago from Stomach Cancer.




Here are a few photos from that trip but to see more, click here.


From feeding hummers to waiting for deer to visiting area sites, it is always a relaxing trip with lots to do.  Another things we enjoy doing is playing games at the large dining table.


If it rains we can play games inside, watch the rain from the large porch230363_2103013458280_4035113_n

Or design some interesting rain gear…..


And then there was the year my mom fell right after we got there and broke her wrist.


It’s a special place with many memories and where I look forward to going every year.

What is something you are looking forward to this year?


*Note: It is illegal to use a photographer’s photos without their permission and could result in a large lawsuit!  Please google free sites such as Pixabay or PhotoPin for photos you are permitted to use!

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