13 Short-Term Goals I Am Setting For 2016

6254210182_c595559607As I stated in yesterday’s post Why You May Want To Avoid Making New Years Resolutions, Resolutions can be a bit intimidating so you should set more manageable goals.  So what goals can I set for myself?

     A goal list can be similar to a bucket list except that the goals are more short-term.  The best thing for a goal list is to stick to smaller manageable steps.    It may help to put your goals on a printable chart or to create a poster/bulletin board.


Some short-term goals I would like to set for myself.

  • Eat healthier.  Cut the bad carbs and increase the good ones.
  • Lose 5 pounds by January 31
  • Take a walk at least twice a week.  It may be difficult in the winter but both my physical and mental health needs is.
  • Write more although due to current circumstances that can be a trifle difficult.
  • Get my own domain although this time be smarter about it.
  • Find an accountability partner and confidant to talk about current issues I am facing.
  • Stop being a doormat.  Stand up for myself.
  • Get back into the Bible
  • Talk to someone about a current health issue that needs addressed
  • Stop expecting validation from places i will never get it from.  Only God can fulfill that.
  • Be more honest with both myself and others.
  • Avoid toxic situations.


I am probably going to have to get another second job soon so time may be limited but I hope to keep up with the blogging because I know I need to exercise what He has given me.

     In a month or so I will have to reevaluate my goals but doing that has always been a continual process because life is continually changing.



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