52 Weeks Of Gratitude…. My Age

birthday-cake-757102_960_720     The topics have been a struggle lately.  This week’s topic, my age, was especially difficult as I am soon turning 50 and have been having issues coming to terms with that.

     I am entering the SANDWICH stage where I am dealing with my children growing older and spreading their wings and my parents growing older and needing help.


     At the same time I remember my childhood and sometimes wish I could return to innocence.


     Not that I regret anything but time just travels so fast and the older I get the faster I go.  When I was a kid, I thought Christmas would never get here.  Now, this year, it is over already and if I would have blinked, I would have missed it.


     I am not ready for the Empty Nest years and yet my second child is already unfolding his wings in anticipation of flight.  My head tells me, “Time marches on and it is going to happen” while my heart tells me, “Find some rope or duct tape and don’t let them leave.  Flatten their tires! Hide their luggage!”

452ce28aa3672ba8611b1013d45c2bf6 (1)

      At the same time I look at turning fifty and think, “I am getting too old to pursue my dreams.”  I know, wrong frame of mind.

     But to be thankful for my age….. I am glad I am not in school with all the new requirements….. and especially Common Core math. 201411_1459_deedh

     I am also glad I did not have to take part in that much dreaded science fair……

I am glad that I am at the age where I can learn something new….. except maybe cashier at my local supermarket…… LOL

I am also glad I am old enough to see what enterprising adults my children are becoming.

I am also glad I am young enough to act silly with my kids before thinking about them contacting an insane asylum.

Yes, appreciating my age is still a work in progress….. and I stress progress!





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