Epic Mom Christmas Gift Failure

christmas-stress-tips     This season I thought had went extraordinarily well considering most of my gifts were purchased via layaway but there is always that Final Christmas Frenzy that proved to be my undoing.

     It was proving to be a tight Christmas but I still managed to buy some nice things at reasonable prices.  It just seemed like suddenly it was a week before Christmas and I had a few last minute things to do, food to buy, gifts to wrap, places to be, things to do, stress levels to maintain….. you  know, the normal Christmas frenzy.

The final goal was to have an entire Christmas presentation worthy of Hallmark……


The final result was anything but…..1449717062549

     Okay, so it wasn’t THAT bad, but, although it was not Hallmark, it was simple…. almost serene…… too serene.

     So Christmas morning as we are opening our packages I go between hoping everyone is satisfied with their gifts and thinking, “Well, it’s too late to do anything about it now.”

     My first indication that something was amiss was my children each opening two pairs of ear buds.  Apparently I forgot I bought the first ones.


That was when my son opened……..


…the shoelacesShoelaces_20050719_001a

You see a few weeks earlier when I was buying some things while he was along, he told me he needed new laces.

Apparently I wrapped them.5882040462_86c94e6ee1

Of course now that my son sees the humor in it, I won’t stop hearing about it for a LONG time….. maybe even forever.  In fact I can see the title for this chapter in his Memoir now.


If anything this is a good lesson that his mom is not perfect nor does she pretend to be.  People may think I am crazy but I prefer to look at life like this:



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