52 Weeks Of Gratitude…. Favorite Spot In My Town

Img_0326aThis week’s challenge is to write about a favorite place in my town.  Outside of my backyard, I believe my favorite place is off the beaten path in our local park.

The covered bridge was originally in another location but was moved here almost forty years ago.  I remember, as a child, watching them transport the bridge past our house.  This bridge is no longer open to motor vehicles but pedestrians are encouraged to use it and the paths on the other side.


The path on the other side of the bridge travels through a small area of woodland but my favorite part is right on the other side of the bridge.Img_4666a

Rocks were set up in a semicircular pattern almost resembling Stonehenge. At the other end it is graded higher and I recently heard that it was intended to be an amphitheater of sorts.  I have never actually seen or heard anything being performed here but I love it because it is quiet, beautiful and off the beaten path.  The fog this morning only contributed to the mystique. It seems like it would be of historical significance but these stones were placed here more recently than that.   Img_4667a

What is your favorite place in your town?


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