52 Weeks Of Gratitude: Someone I Got To Meet

This week’s topic for Gratitude is  Someone I Got To Meet.  Wow, I have never really met anyone famous.  I almost got to meet Lisa Kudrow and John Travolta when they filmed part of a movie at our town but I didn’t and I didn’t lose any sleep over that either.  I did however get to meet a few special Cyber Sisters: Donna, Ruth and Nancyjean.  I am so grateful for these sisters because they have been there for me through so much!



     For this post I decided to tell you about the time I met Nancyjean, but to do that I decided to pull the biggest con known in the history of mankind.  Okay, a bit dramatic and over the top but I will entitle this: Nancyjean and the Legend of Tomás

     Nancyjean, or NJ, as we lovingly call her was flying in from the west coast to Pittsburgh for a wedding.  She also wanted to meet a few of her Cyber Sisters on the East Coast. Now when NJ was younger, she grew up on the East Coast and acquired friends there.  One of them was a young gentleman whom she affectionately called Tommy.

     When Tommy discovered Nancyjean was coming to the East Coast, he wanted to surprise her but was not sure how.  He needed someone to help him orchestrate it.  Enter Denise.  He contacted me and asked me to help him surprise NJ and immediately I was game.


First I spun stories about this “single mom of Mexican descent” in need.  Then the day before I was to meet Nancyjean, I messaged her and told her that for some reason or another I was keeping the son of this woman named Tomás and would be bringing him along on the trip.  Nancyjean immediately replied, “The more the merrier.” Good, now I knew that there would be a seat reserved at the restaurant we were meeting.

During our car trip there we were in contact and I was telling her how Tomas’ got very little sleep the evening before and may be sleeping on the trip.


When we got there, of course, Tomás was “sleeping”.  We greeted each other with hugs and headed into the restaurant to order lunch leaving a place for Tomás.

I knew the moment he had arrived.  Nancyjean was out of her seat, flying across the room into a strange man’s arms to the delight of the other diners. “TOMMY!”


Being with Nancyjean was a blast.  She insisted we find a Steelers Store where she proceeded to tell the clerks she was buying stuff to take back for her friends to burn because “The Steelers stole the Superbowl from the Seahawks.”  The looks on their faces were priceless.

I am thankful for Nancyjean as well as all of my other Cyber Sisters. I am looking forward to heaven when I can meet the ones I haven’t and be reunited with those I have not seen for awhile.Img_7420


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