Are You Prepared For Winter Outages?

8180896628_feee2e0a5d_bThere is two foot of snow on the ground, a roast in the oven, veggies cooking on the electric stove and gravy heating in the microwave.  Your family is watching a movie on Netflix while you are checking your email on your work account.  Before you can say, “Holy Catfish, Batman!” your entire house goes black emitting groans from all over the house.  After a few minutes your twelve year old pipes up, “Hey mom!  I just checked my phone and they say we may not get our power back on until tomorrow!”

Being prepared for cold weather emergencies is something not many think about but is very important to consider.  There are many things you can do as you approach the winter season.

352364116_40ea328c95 (1)

  • If you use your chimney, be sure it is cleaned once a year.
  • Have a supply of canned food and soups – enough for a few days.  And make sure you have a hand-held can opener.
  • A couple gallons of water should also be stored and refreshed every month or so.
  • Place a supply of candles and matches in a secure, easy access place as well as flashlights and extra batteries.
  • Keep cell phones charged as well as devices called Power Pack’s or Amp Chargers you can also use to charge phones. Also buy a car charger for your phone.
  • Store extra blankets in an easily accessible place.
  • Wrap water pipes in insulation.  If the power goes out, open the faucet to let it drip.  If the pipe freezes, remove the insulation and thaw out the pipe using hot water.
  • Make sure your pet food is stored up enough for a few days as well as cat litter.
  • If you have a baby, you will need an extra supply of diapers.
  • Buy a battery operated radio and keep extra batteries.
  • Keep your car at least half-filled with gasoline.
  • Trim trees away from power lines.

5234013583_26a6f42b74As you go through this cold, winter season, keep warm, keep safe and keep an eye on your elderly neighbors!




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