52 Weeks Of Gratitude…. The Eyes have It!

tumblr_mps08yO6Vp1r082jyo1_1280aSMILEtumblr_mps08yO6Vp1r082jyo1_1280aSMILEThis week’s challenge was to come up with a physical trait that I was grateful for which was extremely difficult for me to pick as my opinion of my body is not on the highest level.  I finally decided to go with my eyes.


They say eyes are the window to the soul.  I don’t know how true that is but I do know that they are quite affluent.  Every morning I see them with their bags under them.  I like to think those bags are Gucci and Prada.


Of course my family thought I was weird for sitting here photographing my eyes but, since being weird is normal, I thought no more about that.

At work they know me by the practical jokes I pull and the quick wit that seems to fly from my mouth before I even know it left.  In fact you know Denise is up to something when her eyes look like…..



… usually included with an attempt to hide a smile, of course.

And the other day when I worked eleven hours my eyes looked like this……


If you dare to steal my Snickers Ice Cream Bar you may see me like this……


I do think the eyes do say a lot about a person and how they are feeling.  Long before Robin William’s took his own life, I noticed how sad his eyes looked.

With my eyes, I can witness so many beautiful things……

like watching my children grow up…….

…….way too fast!


I am not sure what I would do if I did not have my eyes.

So ears to ya cause I’m keepin’ my eyes!




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