When To Suspect a Learning Disabilty

   When my daughter, Lexi, was a preschooler I noticed she had issues naming some shapes.  That fact alone grabbed my attention because of my son’s issues naming colors turning out to be color blindness. I knew something was not right but I could not put my finger on what exactly bothered me.

human-732254_640     My concern heightened in kindergarten as she would bring home books to “read” to me and it occurred to me that she was not actually reading the book.  She was reciting it from memory.  I tried telling the teacher by calling, writing notes and emails and speaking to her about it at conferences.  I noticed issues with her spelling and handwriting.  I realized she was not doing as well as her siblings at her age.  Every concern was minimized and written off as normal.  Even as she entered first grade, her problems did not seem to get addressed.  I bought books with things she was interested and still she hated reading and writing.  I suspecteddyslexia because my husband had it but nothing got addressed.

business-19148_640     Four weeks into second grade I finally got a phone call that brought relief.  Her second grade teacher told me Lexi was not cutting it and she felt she had dyslexia.  That was the best news I could ever hope for.    What made the difference this time?  The teacher herself had dyslexia as well as her own child.  Not only was she able to identify the problem, she also held the key to getting Lexi the help she so desperately needed.  The school was able to provide some remedial help but the teacher also was able to get us into a Children’s Dyslexia Center that happened to provide free tutoring.

Lexi attended there for three years and she improved in leaps and bounds.  By the second year she was picking up books to read for fun.  She was enjoying stories.  It did my heart good to see it.  Shegraduated from the center last spring.  Now she has a lot more confidence with her schoolwork.  She even began writing poetry and stories.  Tonight she said to me, “Mom, I love writing stories.”

This week is Dyslexia Awareness Week.  If your child is struggling perhaps you can look for a Children’s Dyslexia Center in your area usually held in Masonic Centers.  Learn the symptoms!  Be your child’s hero!14404947396_b07cee74a2


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