No, it is not a sign that lunch is ready…….

October is Fire Prevention Awareness Month and I would be remiss as a firefighter’s wife if I did not address it.

Below is one of my favorite photos of Norm demonstrating his gear.


In honor of fire prevention month, I want to share a few tips I learned from him over the years.

The first thing I want to introduce you to is EDITH.


No, that’s not EDITH!


None of them are either!


EDITH stands for Exit Drills In The Home.  Gather your family together and draw a floor plan of your home. fireEscapeRoute

Have two ways out of every room!  Go outside and decide together on a meeting place in case you would ever have a fire.  Then draw it on your plan and hang your plan up for all to see.

Next you need to have regular drills to practice escaping from your house. If you are in bed and the fire alarm goes off, roll out of bed onto the floor and crawl to the nearest exit.


Why crawl?  Because the smoke contains poisons that could kill you.  The smoke will be closer to the ceiling and the cleaner air is closer to the ground which is where you want to be!

images (2)

Do you see how the smoke made the top half of the room black?

images (3)


Remember if you get to a closed door, touch the knob.

If it feels hot, don’t open it!670px-Keep-Safe-During-a-House-Fire-Step-2


If your clothes would catch fire all you do is STOP, DROP and ROLL back and forth until the fire is out.Spot-Stop_Drop_Roll_Dottie Dog

When you get outside, call 911 for help.  Do not call from inside your burning house!


Make sure there are always fresh batteries in the smoke detector…..a good time to change your batteries is when you change your clock for Daylight Savings.


And it is a good rule of thumb to have a working smoke detector on every floor of your house.  Even better would be to have a smoke detector in every bedroom because studies found that children often do not hear the detector while sleeping.



So, how about you? Do you have a plan?


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