Christmas Shopping ALREADY?!!! Yep!

15858360758_baef47f3acYes, I am one of those moms thinking about Christmas already, but I really do not care if it is early because…..









IHATESHOPPING LARGEI know. It sounds like an oxymoron but, if you would bear with me, I will explain.

introverts1.  I am an introvert.  I do not enjoy crowds or traffic.  My goal is to be mostly done BEFORE Black Friday.  Plus, every Tuesday before Black Friday, Introverts meet at the local Penney’s at 6 am for a complimentary Breakfast and Big Bucks Off Sale. (J.K. ……LOL)





2.  I generally like to use Layaway….. that way I can get what I want even if I don’t have the cash right away.


3.  It is one less thing to think about in December.Image12345678

4.  I have to figure how long I have until Christmas by how many paychecks I will have to spend with…. not that I use my whole paycheck but I try to set a certain amount back with each one. Budgeting 101.


5.  While all the other harried moms are roaming the malls pushing strollers laden with oodles of toys and possibly a kid somewhere underneath, I am at home with my feet up, cup of cocoa in hand watching the Peanuts gang gathered around a tiny tree singing Hark The Herald Angels Sing.


Who knows maybe I will forego it all and shop online this year…….


So what about you? Early shopper?  Black Friday shopper? Christmas Eve shopper?  Day after Christmas shopper?


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