What In The World Are Steel Stacks?!

 Image2     On Saturday, my husband and  I had a chance to visit the Bethlehem Steel Stacks.  I don’t think it was at all like I imagined.


     Bethlehem Steel Corporation was America’s second-largest steel producer and largest shipbuilder. Their demise was an a significant illustration of the US economy shifting away from industrial manufacturing as we as its inability to compete with competitive foreign labor which ultimately led to the company’s bankruptcy in 2001.

Bethlehem Steel  was largely responsible for ushering in the age of the skyscraper establishing Bethlehem Steel as the principal supplier of steel to the construction industry.

In the 1890’s the US decided to rebuild the United States Navy with steam-driven, steel-hulled warships reshaped Bethlehem Iron Company’s destiny.

The furnaces each produced 2,600-3,000 tons of iron per day. Producing one ton of iron requires 3,366 pounds of ore, 1,676 pounds of coke and 724 pounds of limestone

One interesting faq: Bethlehem Steel Produced the beams to create the Golden Gate Bridge!

Rather than demolish this iconic piece of history or  let it fall apart, the community rallied  to bring new life to the former industrial giant.  Today, the former steel plant is once again thriving, this time as one of the ultimate destinations in the Northeast for the arts.

This past June a recently elevated walkway  bridge was opened to allow visitors an up close and personal steel stack experience.  The bridge is free to the public.


Today this area is host to many events full of arts and culture.  Don’t forget to check out the website for any events at this site.

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Plus many MANY more!

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22 thoughts on “What In The World Are Steel Stacks?!

  1. I bet there was a ton of smoke coming from all those steel stacks at one time, and tons of people running around everywhere who used to be employed there. Thanks for sharing. #MidLifeLuv


  2. I live in the steel town of the north and we have two functioning steel plants in our city. Pretty much everyone I know has a family member that works for one or the other. My father, retired now, was the hoisting engineer that unloaded and loaded the ships. I found his stories fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing on my linky #MidLifeLuv. And I love your photos!


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