Aunt Mary’s Chex Mix

AuntMary     This recipe came to me via my Aunt Mary who loves to cook!  She had some extra and so we took it on vacation with us.  I will warn you.  It makes a very large batch!  Thank you Aunt Mary!



Aunt Mary’s Chex Mix

Chex Mix21 Box Wheat Chex
1 Box Honey Honey Nut Chex
1 Box Cheddar Cheese Crackers
1 Box White Cheddar Cheese Crackers
1 Box Mozzarella Cheese Crackers
1 Box Keebler Mini Club Crackers
1 Box Wheat Thins
1 Box Wheat Thins Ranch
1 Box Wheat Thins Honey Wheat
1 Box Wheat Thins Sweet Onion
1 Bag Corn Chips
Assorted Flavors Pepperidge Farms Fish Crackers
1 Box Chicken In A Biscuit Crackers
Assorted Sesame Sticks (garlic, cheddar, honey roasted, regular)
Bagel Chips, mini  (Rye and White)
Snyder Flavored Pretzel Pieces (Ranch, Honey Mustard)
Corn Chips With Flax Seed
Mini Pretzels
Snyder Butter Pretzels

Mix Together:
1 Bottle Orville Reddenbacher Buttery Popcorn Oil, small amounts at a time
2 Pkg. Dry Hidden Valley Ranch Mix

Mix all ingredients in Double Black Garbage Bag
Seal and turn rotating in circles.  Open. Add some oil. Close. Mix. Repeat until oil is entirely used.
Seal and let sit a few days.  Store in containers with lids or bags.


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