5 Ways To Save Money By Taking Your Kids Portraits Yourself

CantaffordSchool pictures have gotten ridiculously expensive and you don’t get much for what you pay for.  So what is a mom on a small budget to do?



1)  Cheat sheet: Search on Pinterest for poses you may wish to use and then copy and paste them onto a cheat sheet you can pull out for ideas.

IMG_85152) Be creative with backgrounds.  Old wood from barns and even outhouses can be marvelous backdrops as well as bushes, trees, ponds and gazebos. In the photo to the right, I found the wheel underneath some pine trees surrounded by flowers.  It looks like it was done in a studio, doesn’t it?

3)  What are their interests?

59675_4771019520470_1759457285_n 67193_4767372469296_1098336746_n 319019_4767348908707_841939435_n    395093_4767353708827_748863564_n560789_4767343068561_913212619_n

Football stadiums are great places to take photos of football players, cheerleaders and even those in the band.

4) Go to various sites and make sure you take a change of clothing

5)  Take your camera card to Wal-mart which often gets your photos back in an hour.  You can get two wallet size photos for $0.54 for the pair or an 8×10 for $2.84.  You can get ten times more taking your own photos and printing them at Wal-mart for less than what you would pay a professional photographer and have more choice in poses.

Now get out there and take some pictures!


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