52 Weeks Of Gratitude: I’m a Poet and I Suspect I Know It

CatHatThis morning’s Blog Challenge was a challenge
The topic: a talent of  me
So I pondered, speculated, contemplated
And uncovered an affection for writing poetry.




images (15)

CAT-22As a child my love of words began my journey
Traveling places I would never have the chance to see
Books were my constant companions and my staples
A Portal my imagination would often flee

As I grew older, married and had children
Dr. Seuss entertained my children, three
Spinning silly stories in rhyming fascination
Enchanting them in nonsensical cadency

Yet amid Seuss’s entertaining alliterations
We discovered hidden lessons truer than true
He spoke wisdom through his wacky little verses
Imparting life’s little principles in simple view.

I aspire to be like this lyrical writer
Illuminating pearls of truth to listening hearts
Motivating them to know what really matters
And illuminating the proper place to start.


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