My Tale Of Teal

9_1     My Tale of Teal starts somewhere in the vicinity of 2005-2006.  I would visit my general practitioner several times complaining of various little issues such as IBS type symptoms.  His reaction?  Fiber pills.  After awhile I noticed my symptoms would worsen over PMS but I basically got made to feel it was all in my head.  When I brought up a question about it I got, “Where did you read that?!”  My symptoms were never checked out.  No tests.  Nothing.  In June of 2008 I started experiencing numbness and restless legs.    I saw another practitioner at the practice who prescribed exercises to  strengthen my back.

5601123762_e7ed08c8aa     Meanwhile that same summer my husband developed a toothache.  He was never one for doctors and dentists but went because of the level of pain.  The dentist sent him to an oral surgeon who took one look at his blood pressure and sent him to the doctor refusing to do anything about the tooth until the blood pressure was cared for.  In hindsight, it was a God thing but, at the time, it didn’t feel like it to Norm.




BTW, this is actually a roast! LOL

     In September I got extremely sick during PMS plus was having issues with bladder urgency.  This time I got a female doctor.  She listened to me and actually checked me out.  While she officially diagnosed me with diverticulitis, she thought something did not seem quite right and sent me for an ultrasound and blood-tests.  They discovered a mass and sent me for an MRI and then to a gynecologist who scheduled a complete hysterectomy with a gyn-oncologist..  The tumor was the size of a grapefruit  and looked like a chuck roast. (I hope you are not having that for supper tonight! LOL)  It was no small wonder with that pressing against my spine why I was having back and leg pain!  It took over a month to discover I had a Stage 3 Germ Cell Ovarian tumor, rare for someone my age.  It is usually found in teens and twenty-somethings.

   We opted to start chemo after the holidays.  Meanwhile, because my tumor was so unusual, it prompted my gyn-oncologist to start Lancaster County’s first Ovarian Tumor Forum, with my Tumor being their first Case Study.  I wasn’t sure if I was to be proud of this or how I should feel.

chronic-stomach-pain     That Christmas Eve Norm passed out at church while having a GI Bleed.  It was discovered he had a stomach ulcer.



 The following weekend we went on a small trip arranged by friends from our church.

     I started early January with my first round of inpatient chemo.  They gave me a cocktail called BEP,  (bleomycin, etoposide, cisplatin).   This was only supposed to take a couple of hours for three days in a row, but I had a reaction to the one medication forcing them to infuse it over a twelve hour period.  In hindsight, I think my reaction was compared to a sudden huge heat flash, but at the time it was scary and I felt like I was having a heart attack.  I repeated this 4-5 day cycle in February and March.  Because of constant issues with my IV, they decided I needed a pic line.  When we got home, Norm had to learn how to flush my line on a daily basis.

4204701 (1)     After my first round my friend, Pam, very graciously agreed to cut my hair short so that, when it fell out, it would not be as startling.  She also cut Norm’s hair as well.   Becoming bald brought on whole new experiences and one of these experiences inspired this list.



Coby was my constant companion.  He rarely left my side.

 DeniseLexi   After the third round, my oncologist decided I had suffered enough.  Lexi and the rest of the kids were just happy I could be at home.




At Dinosaur Rock


At Stoever Dam, hair growing back

     As of this November I will be nine years free of disease!


But, I want to still pause to remember those who are still fighting
and those who went on to their heavenly healing.


13 thoughts on “My Tale Of Teal

  1. God is good. In the storms of life He is still good. Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging others. So glad God brought you through this. My grandmother is struggling with this now. Praying for those who are still fighting cancer.


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