When Your Child Makes A Funny……..

5bf35038bbe9405f1ec98cf73c1070f92     When my son, Tyler, was five, my oldest daughter discovered drawings on the bathroom wall approximately eighteen inches by eighteen inches.  Obviously it was his drawing.
“Tyler,” I said, “You and I both know that you did this.”  Tyler hung his head but said nothing.  I sighed, “So, you are going to have to give me your crayons for awhile.”
“It was done with markers……”
Oh, Tyler, you are so busted!


write-it-down-orlando-espinosa1     Now I am not Super Mommy to remember the tons of stories my children did or did not do but every time they would make a funny, I would write it down.  You can use their Baby Book or a Journal but write it down.  It will be something you treasure for many years to come.






     That is how I can share the following:  When my daughter, Nicole was 4 1/2 she was wearing sunglasses and asked me if I thought she was gorgeous.  I quickly answered, “Of course!”  After that she asked if she was beautiful to which I answered, “Yes!’.
Standing up to look into the mirror she exclaimed, “You’re right! I am gorgeous and beautiful!”0.


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