Pinterest Tuesday…. Back To School Lunches

LunchBox     Back To School brings a level of excitement compared to an f5 tornado or an 8.5 earthquake.  One of the elements of Back to School is Back to school lunches.  Oh yeah, that brings back memories of when I was a kid and we had lunch boxes with Welcome Back Kotter, Snoopy, Snow White, Holly Hobby and the A-Team… I guess I just dated myself.  LOL.

FitFreshOWLLunchBag     Nowadays kids (or maybe it’s the parents 😉 ) are opting for healthier or creative lunches and, with the evolution of lunches for kids, comes a new wave of lunch box bags and satchels.  My youngest is in to owls and I found a lunch bag similar to the one on the right made by Fit and Fresh.  You can also buy matching sandwich bags and containers and they also have matching drinking bottles.   Unfortunately some schools will not allow drink bottles unless they are clear or clearly marked.

     When it comes to drinks there are several options….. from the drink boxes and coolers to packets for one and a container of water.

     You can have a lot of fun with the rest of the lunch.  You can find cookie cutters in various shapes(or sandwich cutters) and totally redesign their sandwiches.  You can use wraps or various types of rolls plus your imagination to create a virtual masterpiece.

Fruit can be presented in a fun way, as well.

Entire lunches can be created using a theme or just having fun……

Puddings are also nice and you can buy the single cups in your local grocery.  They also come in long singles that you squeeze into your mouth.
You can also freeze Go-Gurts and add them to the lunch box.

Another option is Lunchables.  They have great lunch boxes called Lunchable Uploaded for older kids that includes  an entree, chips, candy kisses and water with Kool-Aid Singles.

     Pinterest is a great way to search for fun and creative ideas but a lot of times all you need is a little imagination.4_-Butterfly-Snacks_Juggling-with-Kids


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