Back From Vacation!

     We just came back from a four-day weekend in the mountains.  It was so relaxing but went so fast!  We started out in the morning in exactly the right place at the right time.

Img_2830aAs the day moved on we needed something cold to drink……Img_2870a

Seriously, we were looking forward to spending a relaxing time in the mountains
and that excitement grew with each mountain we would pass.

     After traveling a couple of hours we finally reached our destination.  The area had been hit hard in 2011 when we also got hit with Tropical Storm Lee. It totally washed away roads and bridges so this was the first year back since then.  It was exciting to see what had changed…. and what was still the same.

The pieces from the destroyed bridge was still laying there giving testament to the power of flooding water.Img_2909a Img_2910a

But the the flowers and the butterflies were absolutely beautiful
and the creek sang to us as we reacquainted ourselves to our surroundings.

Our abode for the weekend Img_3524a

     My nephews soon brought out the water balloon launcher in an attempt to see how far they could go. Img_2992a Img_2993a

And for those history buffs, behold!Img_2951a

We did see a fair amount of snakes this weekend…..

And a humming bird provided hours of entertainment!

There was also campfires, games and splashing in the creek…

Elephant Rocks……..

Rock Run…….

Rose Valley Lake….

It was a wonderful weekend!

….I can’t wait to go back again!Img_3601a


25 thoughts on “Back From Vacation!”

  1. So fun! It looks like your family had such a great time. This is one the very few times I look forward to when my little ones are older so we can enjoy a vacation like this.


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