52 Weeks Of Gratitude… My Summer Favs!


Summer used to be my favorite season, but, as I am getting older, I am learning to appreciate all seasons.  That being said, I will list my summer favs.  

I see more of my husband


My kids are all home……at some points

Img_1360a - Copy IMG_1493 IMG_2695


Img_2401a Img_2420a Img_1400a - Copy Img_2399a Img_2089a

Summer Scenery

Img_1310a IMG_2231


IMG_6355 Img_1758a Img_1764a IMG_2235 IMG_2464 Img_2376a IMG_2194 Img_1761a


7102218_orig 2309274

Family Gatherings!

Img_6213a Img_8594a Img_8598a Img_0138a Img_0145 Img_0165 Img_0171 IMG_0217 IMG_0227 - Copy

And I get to see my pets more….


0123130047b d8b7e-picture1gkm

Summer is also a great time to experience a good thunderstorm!
There is something about the power of a thunderstorm…..


Followed by a beautiful rainbow…..God’s promise!


Summer! Gotta’ love it!


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