Weekend Wrap-up

CHANGE     I have been reading a lot, trying to get advice how to make this a better blog. There is some great advice out there and I want to make a few changes. Wednesdays will now become In The Spotlight  where I will post about a blog or blog post.  On Fridays I will start a new Friday Flashback Series where I will highlight one of my previous posts.  The recipes I have shared in Recipe Wednesday,  I felt could be combined into the Pinterest Tuesday threads.  Thursday is still up in the air as I am contemplating several ideas.  One thing I have decided about weekends is to keep them more personal so, in keeping with that…….

dance_animated          My oldest daughter heads back today.  She works up at her college even over the summer.  She is taking her little sister with her and they will be up there together almost two weeks…. if they last that long.  The house will be a whole lot quieter!

     I actually got most of the week off from my second job.  You can’t see me but I am passionately dancing around the house. 😉 Since you can’t see me: 1) you will have to trust me on this and 2) You can count your blessings starting with the fact that you can’t see me!  Anyway, I am hoping to get a few things done, however my son will still be home so who knows what will happen.  Of course my dancing may scare him away.  It will at least inspire him to remind me to take my meds.

     I am still working on moving my posts to this blog from my older ones.  It will take a lot of time, but I am hoping for complete consolidation in a month or so.


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