101 Free Or Inexpensive Boredom Busters You Can Do With Your Kids This Summer

when-someone-is-telling-you-a-really-boring-story“I’m Bored!”  Often a phrase that is like nails grating across a blackboard to a mom but you know money is tight and often you are living on less income while raising your children, so what is a mom to do?

I’ve compiled a list of things that are free or low-cost.  Hopefully you will find something that you might want to do.

1.  Creek stomping  Grab an old pair of shoes, find a nearby creek and let your kids go.

2.  Go on a hike.  Fresh air, exercise and who knows what wildlife you may see.

3.  Movie Night in area towns.  Often local towns will offer free family movies.  You just need to keep your eyes and ears open.

4.  Mini-golfing.  It teaches your child to take turns while having fun.  Or better yet, make your own miniature golf course. 

bicycling-1160860_12805.  Biking.  Find a bike trail and don’t forget those water bottles!

6. Find a farm to visit.  Some communities with actually have farm tours.

7.  Set up a backyard carnival.

8.  Hold a lemonade stand for cancer.

9.  Volunteer at a local nursing home visiting the elderly.

10. Set up a screen or white sheet in your backyard and invite the neighbors for a movie night.

11. Volunteer to pull weeds in a public park or for an elderly person.

12.  Go on a nature scavenger hunt.  List provided in the link.

13.  Bake cookies and deliver to neighbors.

14. Hold a block party.

15. Visit a veteran and sing patriotic songs.  Ask them about when they served.  Don’t forget to say “Thank you!”

16.  Meet up with moms from your town for a picnic/breakfast/coffee.

17. Have a network of moms from your town on Facebook.

BlogNormGear18. Visit a firehouse.

19. Hold a Bike Rodeo.

20. Go fishing.

21. Check out your local  library activities.

22. Check out historical spots in your area.  Take your kids on their own Trail Of History.

23. Meet some moms at a Chuck-E-Cheese or other Indoor Playground on a hot day.  You get to socialize with moms in air conditioning while your kids get to burn off some energy.  Pizza is just the icing on the cake.

24. Check out local fairs

25. Have a Tell-Me-A-Story time where everyone gets a chance to continue a story.  Someone starts and everyone gets two minutes to continue the story.  An hourglass timer would be a good visual reminder when to stop.

Family_playing_a_board_game_(2)26. Family Game Night

27. Drop everything and read!

28. Have child write and illustrate a story.

29. Fill water balloons for  a battle.

30. Visit an area zoo.

31. Take kids to play Laser Tag.

32. Make your own ice cream in a bag.

33. Tie-Dye some t-shirts

34. Go camping in your backyard!

35. Have an excavation site in your backyard/sandbox.  Hide tiny treasures and teach kids the proper way to excavate.

36. Pick up trash along a neighborhood street or park.  Bring your own gloves!

37.  Make musical instruments and have a parade in your backyard

38.  Practice “Pay It Forward”. Go to a place with parking meters and add quarters.

8579245853_46eb5bb046_b39.  Take a CPR class together

40. Jump rope

41. Roller skate/blade

42. Fly a kite

43. Float a boat

44. String popcorn and put out for animals    Not just for Christmas anymore!

6142345333_4cae67fa9c_o45. Grow a garden….. even a container garden!

46. Have a car wash – for charity

47. Hold a movie marathon.  Don’t forget the popcorn!

48. Memorize a Bible Passage/Verse as a family

49. Throw/kick a ball…. baseball, soccer, kickball

50. Create a clay treasure

51. Visit a forest/park and identify various birds 

52. Look for fossils in a creek

53. Have a slushie/ slurpee

54. Go to a reusit shop and buy clothes for a fashion show

Survivor Outreach Services Family & MWR Command, 100724

55. Learn a new dance

56. Play Simon Says

57. Play with shaving cream on a table

58.  Use marshmallows and pretzels to create your own Tinker Toys

59.  Go rollerblading or roller skating

60. Go on a butterfly safari 

61. Plant a tree

62. Learn about bats and build a bat house

63. Learn about bees.

64. Visit a National Museum

65. Visit an aquarium.

66. Make posters on fire safety. Share ideas to practice fire safety

67. Make and take donuts to a police station or fire company.

68. Go to a nursing home and sing patriotic tunes or older songs through the hallways. Ask permission first!

69. Visit a nearby garden like Longwood Gardens or Hershey Gardens and learn the names of five new plants.

70. Use Legos to build a model of your dream house.

71. Fill 10 two-liter soda bottles with sand or small stones.  Set them up like bowling pins.  Use a ball to try to knock them down or put glow sticks in bottles for nighttime bowling.

72. Go to a school or park with a basketball net and play “HORSE

73. If you live on a hill, create your own water slide

74. Invite your kids to a Wacky Tea Party.

75. Make cut-out sugar cookies in fun summer shapes

76. Hold a fake-Snake Hunt. Place several rubber snakes around your property and have the kids hunt for them.

77.  Learn how to make soap

78. Offer to care for a mom’s children so she can get a day out.  Your kids get playmates and maybe she will return the favor.

79.  Water balloon Catch

80. Create a mini car wash for your kids scooters and riding toys out of pool noodles, pvc pipes and sponges

81. Create a suet feeder for birds without peanut butter

82. Go on a nature walk and identify types of leaves

83. Play Red Light-Green Light

84. Learn cup-stacking

85. Go on a nature walk and identify animal prints

86. Play Twister with a twist.

87. Learn how to identify poison ivy  

88. Start a nature journal

89. Learn how to make giant bubbles

90. Play Crab Soccer

91. Have them create scented sidewalk chalk and then turn them loose on your sidewalks

92. Create a lazer maze.

93. Phone photo scavenger hunt. Send them out with Camera Phones, ipods or cameras.  A twist: They have to text you a photo of the latest item before you text them the next object to look for.

94. Make some candles 

95. Play hop scotch.  You can draw the squares with chalk.

96. Hold a army style boot camp

97. Start a rock collection  

98. Create a fitness trail using chalk.  I would put the activities further apart.

99. Have your kids play with some clean mud 

100. Use chalk to create roads for matchbox cars/hot wheels

101. Use large appliance boxes to create a pirate ship


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