Why You Should Spend Time With Seniors

hands-578917__180     I used to be a nursing assistant and I cared for many seniors. I loved talking to them and listening to their stories.  I often wished I had wrote down their stories.  They have so much to offer; insight, history, humor…. we only need to take the time to really listen.

      One thing I noticed is most seniors love small children, even if all they can do is look at them.   Some, even though they could not communicate, would break into smiles at the sight of a child.  Their entire face would just light up.

TippiCanoe     I had cared for some that told me stories of the depression or farming stories.  One gentleman, “Gus” had a story I have yet to fully collaborate, but, according him, he and his wife was canoeing when the canoe capsized.  They swam to shore only to discover they were at one of the homes of Alexander Graham Bell.  He went on to tell me what they saw in the house.  He also was the one to tell me not to get old.  🙂

     These people have so much to offer.  All they need is someone to listen.


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