Why Teal?


Teal has always been one of my favorite colors,
but in 2008 it catapulted itself to number one.

That year I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  Ovarian Cancer is extremely hard to diagnose as its symptoms mimic several other diseases.  Most women are not diagnosed until Stage 3 or 4.  Staying true to the statistics, I was at Stage 3 when the tumor was found.  After three months of inpatient chemo, I was declared free of disease and I still am.

When I discovered teal was the color of Ovarian Cancer Awareness, I was delighted.  Teal has become my Color of Hope and it represents a part of who I am.

In September, which is the awareness month for Ovarian Cancer, I will elaborate more about the cancer itself.    In fact, I will probably have several posts regarding it because if I can help one person, it will be worthwhile!


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