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Pinterest Tuesday . . . DIY FIRE-PIT 

Our  fire-pit has paid for itself several times over the years. It has been used heavily and will bring enjoyment and family togetherness for many more years.

8533345_origWe started with a used tractor tire rim we bought from a tractor supplier. We also bought bricks for the base and trapezoid-shaped patio blocks.  You will need anywhere from 40-65 patio blocks depending on the size of your tire rim.  The amount of bricks for the base will depend upon the size base you wish to have.  We used spray paint to plan the area we wished to build the pit. Another item you will need is crushed stone.

We dug out the area marked about a foot deep.8697159_orig 8630680_orig

Crushed stone was poured into the hole and leveled before the bricks could be laid for the base.8812464_orig 5254269_orig

Next, the rim was placed on the bricks and the trapezoid-shaped patio blocks were placed around the rim.  Remember to stagger them as you work upwards.

6819463 6252709 6145790

2309274Now break out the hot-dogs and marshmallows and enjoy the finished product!

Something the whole family will delight in…. including the dog…Especially the dog! 3083809_orig



via Pinterest Tuesday . . . DIY FIRE-PIT  – A TATTOO ON HIS PALM.


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