Why I allowed Sunflowers To Take Over My Flower Garden

Sunflowers1I used to pull them out so there weren’t so many but I made a discovery two years ago that has caused me to change my mind.


My mom, my mother-in-law and even my husband has urged me to pull out the excess sunflowers but,being the bird watcher that I am and seeing what it attracted, has made me very reluctant to do that because of the joy that they bring me.

And that joy is……

Goldfinches!  They love them!  I never could attract them till that one year.  I allowed them to grow in my flower bed.
Now, not only do they come to the sunflowers, but they come to our feeders as well.  Sorry for the blurriness.
I had taken then through a screen.

77150 (1) 826029 1659357 5762635 7695647 (1)

If you have trouble attracting birds, I would advise you to plant some seeds next spring and see what birds you can “Harvest”.


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