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Pinterest Tuesday . . . DIY Soft Ice Pack – A TATTOO ON HIS PALM

9925545_origI have been struggling lately with pain associated with both fibromyalgia and a few herniated disks in my neck area.  My physical therapist recommended making my own soft ice pack.  I had seen them before and looked them up.  There are several variations you can make, but I chose this one.  It is both simple and inexpensive, a win-win combination for me! ☺

All You need is……

2 cups water

1 cup rubbing alcohol

2 zip-top bags – quart or gallon-size or vacuum sealer bags

Mix the water and rubbing alcohol and put in a zip-top bag.  Get all of the air our before sealing shut.  Place in second bag just as a precaution against leakage, again, removing the air before sealing.  Freeze at least an hour.  When you need it, it will be soft and pliable…. perfect for that back or shoulder pain!

Some people like to add blue food coloring

I used a gallon bag and doubled the ingredients

If you wish to vacuum seal, freeze in bag before vacuum sealing it.


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