My friend, Kami, had this as her Facebook status and I thought it was worth sharing.
She graciously agreed to let me use it.

Here’s my 37 year old mother of 5 advice- take it or leave it.

Mama friends, be the mom you are- not the mom you think you should be.

You are way better at it than you realize.

I’ve seen (and am raising kids) effected by trauma and neglect. THIS IS NOT YOU. Stop reading the articles and status updates that make you feel guilty. Stop perpetuating the mommy wars. Stop worrying about screwing up your kids.
That time you lost your patience and yelled because they asked for something for the eleventy billionth time- not going to scar them. The time you were too exhausted to say no and they ate cookies for breakfast- not going to kill them. The time you didn’t set your phone aside to attend to their every whim- not going to ruin them.

The other million times you got it right (dried tears, wiped bottoms, read books, kissed owies, cuddled and whispered ‘I love you’s’) are going to vastly out number the times you got it wrong. I promise.

Seriously. I promise.

And if you need more proof. I was sitting at a very long dance rehearsal last week feeling less than thrilled with my lot in life. My kids were bored and antsy and I was too selfish to pull up the netflix app on my phone and hand it over to keep the peace. From my perspective I way not winning any mom of the year moments. A few days later I got a message from someone I met via a friend on fb that I haven’t really met in person. Apparently she was sitting behind me and didn’t realize we knew each other until later. When I commented on being embarrassed about my children’s behavior this is what she said:

“I was behind you and heard your busy little gang. I overheard you talking to them, correcting them, DELIGHTING IN THEM – that’s what you did! You are so gentle in your speaking with them and so patient…I was immediately convicted and blessed!”

Wait- what?! We’re we in the same room??

But seriously guys- this is how others (including our kids) see us. They don’t see the ugly innermost frustrated thoughts. We aren’t totally messing this up.

And may we be the type of people who look for this in others- and tell them what we see! This is what makes us better- not all that competing & striving to be something we are not.

You mama- are enough.


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