Bethlehem, PA

     I have to admit, I do not show gratitude to him enough.  It is so easy to take for granted that he will always be there.  We have been through a lot together.  I have to admit that his extroverted personality and my extreme introverted personality often clash…. and my neurotic tendencies can get on his nerves…. and the fact that my neurotic tendencies have been passed on to my children – well, my added blessings are his nightmares.


Yeah, we can have our goofy times…… I think the time we were closest was actually during my cancer.  He was extremely supportive and it was just so generally fun.  Fun during cancer, you ask?  Next to the picture of our pre-chemo haircuts, I will post a list I created –  the first one inspired by him.


4204701 (1)1) Stick your head out the bathroom door and ask your spouse to get you your hairbrush or even a comb so you can get your part straight

2) Go outside on a sunny day and see if the reflection of the sun on your head will start a fire.

3) Get finger paint but instead of using your fingers, use your head.

4) Tell people your mother was abducted by aliens and you’re the result

5) Go to the store and buy one dozen bottles of moisturizing shampoo.

6) Paint a beard on your chin and go up to someone on the street and ask, “Deal or No Deal?!”

7) Tell the store clerk in your local paint store you’d like to paint your trim in the bathroom the same shade as your head and ask him if he can help you match it.

8) Paint white dots on your head, walk into McDonald’s and, at the top of your lungs, sing, “Two all beef patties, lettuce, sauce, melted cheese……”

9) Next time the carnival comes to town, ask for your own booth and charge $25 for people to rub your head and make a wish.

10) Paint a face on the back of your head to prove to your kids that you really do have eyes on the back of your head.

11)  Spray on a tattoo of your favorite football player at a football game.

12)  Walk into a salon and tell the receptionist you are there for your hair extension appointment.  Then ask if there was anyone available to wax your (Non-existent) eyebrows.

13) When asked for ID use your big hair eighties driver’s license.

14) Using a black eyebrow pencil draw Charlie Brown’s face on the back of your head. (See picture on Wikipedia for reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Brown.) Add a yellow t-shirt embellished with a black zigzag pattern, walk backwards and you’re set!

15) Sneak up behind your hubby while he’s brushing his teeth in front of the mirror and do your best Gollum impersonation, complete with snarl! Then, make HIM clean the toothpaste off the bathroom mirror!

I made the first ten on this list after pulling the first one on my husband 
and other cancer patients added the rest.

3975544     When I met Norm he was a die-hard volunteer firefighter.  He doesn’t participate in active firefighting too much anymore although he does stay active in the business end working as the fire company secretary.  He used to be in the fire safety education end as well and loved it and he was very good at it!

And, he had some assistance in creating three beautiful, awesome kids………




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