One thing I have noticed while surfing the internet, particularly social media such as Facebook, is the continual misuse of grammar.  The people who do this are not stupid.  Many are quite educated.  It is simply the reflection of the complexity of American grammar.
Let’s start with the title:1434246326

WITCH: a person, especially a woman, who is supposed to practice magic or sorcery;
The witch turned mean boy into a frog.
WHICH: What one?
Which road shall we take? Which dress do you like?

THERE: Indicates a place
On Friday they went there.

THEIR: Shows ownership
They washed their car.

THEY’RE: Contraction of “they are”. Notice apostrophe.
They’re going to go to the circus.
AW: Used to express sentimental or sugary approval.
“Aw! The baby is so cute!”

AWE: An overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration,fear, etc.
He was in awe of his hero.

ALL: The whole of; everything
He ate all of the cookies.

WHERE: In or at what place?
Where is the dog?

WERE: Past tense of be.
Were they with you?

WE’RE: Contraction of “we are”
We’re going to church.

TO: Used for expressing motion or direction toward a point
They came to the house.

TOO: In addition; also
He wanted a chocolate bar, too.

TWO: A number
She had two dresses.
PRINCIPAL:The head or director of a school.
The principal wants to be your pal.

PRINCIPLE: A fundamental, or general law or truth. An accepted o rule of action or conduct.
He knew he should give in but he chose to stand by his principle.

Of course when it comes to texting, well, that is a whole other blog post.

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