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     I heard all those jokes about mother-in-laws…… In fact, for awhile I could really relate to Deborah on “Everybody Loves Raymond”.  There are those times where I just gritted my teeth, but now I think my mother-in-law is pretty special.  What brought the change?  It was actually a simple prayer.

1104736     One day I literally prayed, “Father, help me to understand my mother-in-law.”  And He did.  Really.  He revealed some things to me that shed light on why she did what she did….. what made her tick.  And the thing that really changed my heart was that, when I miscarried in 2003, she was the one who truly was the most sympathetic.  She remembered when the baby would have been born and when the baby would have been a year old.  I often wondered if she had experienced the same thing.
She loves her flowers.  A lot of times when she had the family for a visit, she would give us a tour of her flowers.  Even at 76 she works hard on her yard and flower garden and it is beautiful.  She used to often dig perennials from her garden and give them to me to plant in my garden.


She also enjoys playing games with her grand-kids.  In the winter, it is usually board games, but in the summer, they are outside playing baseball, badminton or hillbilly tennis.

And what caused the change? It was a prayer for understanding and a change… in my heart.


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