4255634_orig     At our church I am a media tech once a month.  I am the one who makes sure the correct slide is showing on the screen in the front.  I have to make sure the song lyrics are in the right order, everything is spelled correctly and all the slides in correct order that the pastor gave me.  In fact, I had arrangements set for every song that corresponded with how the worship leader sang them.

     My OCD did not use to be so bad.  Cancer and flooding played a large role in that.  The loss of control messed with my mind causing the OCD and anxiety attacks to worsen.  Trauma will do that and, since I am an extreme introvert, every feeling and stress-er gets turned inward to manifest in health and psychological conditions.  My cancer was (finally) diagnosed in Oct. 2008 and the flooding from Tropical Storm Lee that destroyed our house happened in September 2011.
9158302      But this blog post is not about all of that.  It is merely my response to certain situations….. like this past Sunday.  I had been sick for over 4 weeks and had not been doing the media techie thing for awhile so, when I walked in and my boss said, “Hey, I hope you don’t mind training ‘Monica’ and, oh by the way, I updated Pro-presenter and there are a few changes.” I grimaced.  This was followed by, “Also, it is now connected to the Planner online so changes have to be done through that.”  I looked up at him and said, “You do realize this severely impairs my OCD, don’t you?”   Oh yeah, this really rocked my need for creative control.
     Which brings me to my next source of aggravation….. Why do they call them Smart Phones when they continually auto-correct my texts wrong?  It will even “correct” my name.  By the way, my name’s Denies…….

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