How To Look Like A Great Photographer…..Even If You Aren’t

3031072     I recently ran into a friend of mine who fussed at how well I could take pictures.  She loved my finch picture and asked what type of camera I had. I had to think about that a minute.  I knew it was a Canon but didn’t really pay attention to the type of camera.  It wasn’t the most fancy but nor was it the $50ProbablyWon’tLastAYear camera either.  My husband had given it to me this past Christmas and I am still learning what it can do.
But, when it comes to getting a great shot, I must confess – I got a little secret that does not make my pictures seem so magical once you know what it is.  It will make a simple point and shoot camera look like a professional.

  My secret is called EDITING.  I utilize a Paint Shop Program my friend had given me years ago.  It has probably long since gone obsolete but it still works on my newer computers so I use it.  Corel also has one but there are several online versions you could use as well.  Sumo Paint, One Motion, LunaPic andBerger are some of the online programs you can use.

BeforeAfter   One of the ways I make a close up look even close is by cropping.  That is where you cut out the part of the picture that you want.  I will tell you that you need to have your camera setting for recording pixels as high as you can get it so that the picture is as big as you can get it.  That way when you do crop it down, the quality will still be pretty good.  This might take up a lot of space on your camera but it will help you get better pictures.  Then I use my cropping tool to cut down to the part that I want.
     When I go to save that second photo I will click SAVE AS and rename it so I can keep both photos.  Another effect is SHARPEN and it does exactly what it says.  There are some other tricks I will go over some other time but you may want to experiment with the information I gave you so far.

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