A Parenting Regret

 8199899    One of the deepest regrets I have when it comes to parenting is not instilling the importance of good manners.   Yes, I did teach my children to use Please and Thank You but somewhere along the way common courtesy got pushed aside.  I wish I had pressed further – pressed harder.  I work in a school district and some of the kids can be very polite.  They say “Thank You”.  One even says, “Have a Great Rest Of Your Day.” But some students feel that the world owes them.  It’s the entitlement…..


1727732_orig     One of the first places we can teach them about thinking about others is with their siblings.  I wish I had taught my son to open the door for his sisters.  Maybe even his mom! LOL!    That is one trait that would carry on throughout his life.
I wish I would have made them refer to my husband and I or any other adult as “Sir” or “Ma’m”. Instilling respect is a lost art.  The South seems to have a corner on that market.  For awhile I worked with a nursing agency and once I went to visit an elderly black client.  When he answered every question with “Yes, Ma’m” or “No Ma’m, I was pleasantly surprised.  Not that I thought someone of color could not be polite.  Instead I thought, “Wow, what if every one was like this? Why did I not teach my children this?”
Because my kids are already in the “Old Dog Won’t Learn The New Trick” age, I thought maybe I would pass it along and hopefully someone else can benefit from a lesson I have learned.


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