Weigh Down

4894142     I made a decision tonight….








 I want to lose weight.  No, I NEED to lose weight.  So many health issues could be helped if I change my eating habits, so I decided to put myself on a high protein diet.  I made the decision after noticing today that my ankles felt swollen and I have been having issues with consuming too much sugared drinks.  My body always tells me and, because I only have one kidney, I need to listen to my body.  I feel also that maybe it will also help my fibro issues.  I need to do a protein one with mini meals/snacks because of my weird work schedule.


2 thoughts on “Weigh Down

  1. I am loving your blog Denise. Just a word of warning, Dan and I have been working on our weight for the last month and a half by counting calories. It has helped with our weight, slowly but I think sometimes that is the best way. But, during this time Dan cut down on some of his dairy and ended up with a very sore and swollen ankle. We went to the Dr. and found out it is gout. He has never had issues with that. And now will need to be watching what he eats as to keep it at bay. But, the Dr. said he sees lots of people in there for gout when they decide to do a diet of high protein, carbs, or changing their typical meals drastically. So, just thought I would give a warning. I know how hard it is, and we decided we needed to do something now, because it will just get harder as we get older. We are here to encourage you!


    • Thank you. I have not cut out dairy. I am still trying to figure things out, but I am also lactose intolerant. I just have to learn to cut back and eat sensibly and not overdo in certain foods or it will cause binge eating. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

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