Amish Buggy?


     Several years ago a local radio show challenged its listeners to participate in a photo scavenger hunt, so my friend, Theresa, and I decided to embark upon this adventure.  One of the photos was to be of an Amish Buggy.  We debated as to where to go and decided to head for a market called Green Dragon near Ephrata, PA.  “There had to be at least one Amish buggy!  Hey, it’s Lancaster County, PA, the Amish capital of the world!”  You’d think we’d have known better.

     We arrive at the market and start scouring the area for buggies.  Soon we spied a shed meant for holding horses and buggies.  Upon entering the shed, we made a discovery.  There were at least eight different types of buggies.  We didn’t want to get the wrong one, so we stopped a Plain lady walking by and asked her which one was an Amish buggy.  She carefully looked them all over and then turned to us, “None of them are Amish buggies.” Our chins hit the ground as she went through them all naming what Plain sect each was from.
In Pennsylvania, Amish typically have gray buggies while Mennonites have black one but that can also vary in other states.

7715488 8316624     You can also find Amish and Mennonites in the Midwest as well as Canada….. and each sect will be a little different from the others, not just in buggies but in dress as well.  The women will have dresses such as the colors to the right with black aprons while the men will have black pants, shirts the colors of the dresses and black vests…. and no buttons!



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