The Sweetest Place On Earth!

HersheyChoc     My daughter had brought two friends home from college and we were looking for something to do that was open on Good Friday and inexpensive.  It was soon agreed that we would go to see Hershey Chocolate World.  Even as a 21 year old, my daughter loves that place.  My son opted out of being seen with a bunch of women so Nicole, Lexi, Nicole’s two friends, my husband and I piled into the car and away we went.  I was surprised how full it was.  I guess everyone else had the same idea

.     Hershey’s Chocolate World was built as a replacement of the Hershey chocolate plant tour, which was no longer able to handle the large numbers of visitors per year.  They opened Chocolate World  on June 30, 1973.  I remember going there as a child and still love going there. There have been many changes since I started going there.  The tour was updated in 1988 featuring a robot as the host.  The last renovation occurred in early 2006 when the main feature was changed to singing, animated cows.

You ride in cars that are each individually wired with narration from a speaker.  The car moves, not only forward but left and right to view the next subject or area. The ride continues on, telling you about the candy making process; from picking the cocoa beans to packaging.

   The end of the ride reaps my kids’ favorite part.  They hand every individual a chocolate treat.  There is a large area that bears a food court, gift shops as well as smaller attractions.  My daughter and her friends found a  scavenger hunt and they spent a long time searching the food court for clues.  They even went back on the ride again.  When they found all of the answers, they proudly went to stand in line to present their answers for a promised chocolate treat.  Their faces went from pride to exasperation when they were each handed a plastic egg with a piece of candy inside.

9048315 One thing I would have to bring up is the price of food at tourist attractions.  Here you will see a $3.00 cup of soda next to my phone


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