How I Helped My Child Adjust To A New School

kid-left-out     When my oldest daughter was in 3rd grade we bought a new house. While it was in the same school district, it was a different elementary school. My daughter, Nicole, was not thrilled with that in the least. She was not looking forward to having to make all new friends.




     712307482She was well liked at her old school but this new school had her worried.  I decided, to help her make new friends, everyday, I would put a silly joke in her lunch box. I would put the question on the outside of the paper and the answer on the inside. It wasn’t long till she had kids clamoring around her everyday at lunch to see the riddle of the day. She gained new friends as well as a raised self esteem and, when she did get to the middle school, she was able to be with her new friends as well as her old friends from her old school. it was very helpful in establishing contacts and relationships in this crucial period of her life.  It was difficult coming up with new material every day.  I made up several of my own riddles and they were rather corny, at that, but it was all worthwhile in the end.


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