One Of My Favorite Signs Of Spring

4293003   One of my favorite signs of spring is the geese migration.  I find it fascinating to watch.  It brings me much joy because I know that spring is soon coming.  The Canadian Geese fly in a “v” formation, taking turns being in the lead.  When we lived at our last place, we would see thousands flying overhead and I would stand outside, point north and yell, “That way!  Keep going!  Come on! You can do it!”  Of course, they knew where they were going but their arrival was always widely welcomed by me.  There are some that stay here year around but Spring migration an important sign of spring.  It was almost like they were rowing a boat and yelling, “Pull! Pull! Pull!”

     Before the Canadian Geese moved through, there would be the migration of Snow Geese.  These geese usually have a different sound and do not fly in a “v” formation.  In fact, their formation has no formation at all.  They are beautiful to see.  Both types of geese will stop at Middle Creek Wildlife Preserve for a few days which draws thousands of people.  When the snow geese converge upon the lake it looks like a sea of white.

The snow geese made a stop outside the back door to my friend, Jane.  She graciously allowed me to display her photos below.

   I have friends in the western US who do not have a chance to witness this spectacle and expressed their disappointment in missing these beautiful creatures.  Another lesser know migration is the swans, but they are usually not here long before continuing on their way and there are far less so it is easy to miss them.  Despite the wintry weather we may be experiencing, we can be assured when we see the geese flying that spring is definitely on its way.


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