Psalm 23

     The Lord is my guide and protector.  I have no need for anything else.  The Lord is my stability –  my strength, security and safety. He overhauls my very core of being and renovates it better than what it ever was.  He guides me to take the right path, a path of morality  just because that is who He is.  Through the times of pitfalls, traps, and danger for my own life, I have no need to fear because He is going before me, flanking my side and guarding me from behind.  I take comfort in  His Word and guidance.  You feed me in spite of the danger.  You shower me with the scent of myrrh and sweetness.  You give me more than I could ever need.  I can count on your kindness and grace to dwell in me forever and I know we will be together throughout eternity.

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