How To Move Photos From Your Camera To Your Computer

images (1)    I have had several people ask me how to move my photos from my camera to the computer so here is my 411.  There are a few ways to do so and I will try to go over all.




7459092_origKnow where your photos are going so you can find them. 
Click on the WINDOWS Start Menu Icon like the one on the left.
3292243     You will see a menu pop up where you will look on the right side where you should see the word “Pictures“.  Click on “Pictures” and it should open up a Window entitled “The Pictures Library“.   When that Window opens, click on New Folder.  It will create a new folder. Right click it and click rename near the bottom. Rename your folder.  Open the folder.  Minimize the folder.

Connect your camera to the computer and turn it on.  If a little camera icon shows up on your task bar at the bottom, click on it.  It may need to install software if this is the first time. Once you click on the icon, you should get a window like the one below.
Now there are a couple of ways to go with this.  I will start with what I mostly use.  Click on browse files.
1318003_orig (1)
It should open up another window for camera storage.  The file may be called SD, but maybe not.  Click on it.
4251052_origThat will bring you to another file that may say DCIM. Click on that.
Here you will find one or more folders, usually divided by date but not always.  I have been clicking once on this folder and then right clicking either COPY or CUT.
If you want the photos off your camera, click CUT.
If you want them on your camera to print at a store, click COPY.
Go back to that original file you created and paste it in.

The next way you can move photos is click on IMPORT PICTURES.
A little window should pop up where you should click IMPORT.
A window should pop up that says IMPORTED PHOTOS AND VIDEOS.
Take note of the name of the folder.  You should be able to find it in MY PICTURES.

There is a third way to get pictures and I use this way when my camera software does not work.
You can make a folder as explained above where you know it is. Minimize that.
Go to the Windows Icon as mentioned above at the beginning. Click COMPUTER. Click on the Camera Device Listed.
Click SD… then DCIM.  Cut or copy pics and go back to Minimized folder and PASTE.

Confused yet?  I hope not. 🙂

Before I upload to Facebook or any other social media I will usually edit it, by making smaller, cropping, or whatever else through a picture program such as Paint, Paint Shop.  Smaller photos will upload a lot faster.  Larger ones often make your computer freeze.  After making changes, click SAVE AS.  You can save using orig. name but add a number or letter at the end to distinguish it from your orig. photo which you may want to save for later.  It is often better to use originals when you want to print them. Remember where the file with your photos are stored on your computer so you can find them for uploading to social media later.

Have fun!


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