A Day Of Rest

   In my neck of the woods, Sunday is generally called a day of rest.  For those of us who hold a couple of jobs, that can be nigh near impossible.





     We were planning to go to a musical today, but the past few days have been non-stop and I knew the introverted me needed the mind rest from all the hurry scurry.  Just a moment of quiet and self examination….. and all of that razzle dazzle.

1633807061_aab881b8e8     I believe God meant the day of rest not necessarily to sit around and do nothing, but as a time to quiet your soul and mind.  Introverts tend to need it more than extroverts.   It is a time to do what you enjoy and what makes you who you are.  He knew when He created it because, not only did all work and no play made Jack a real Bore, but it also made Jack stressed, distracted and a heart attack risk.  My one job is extremely noisy so I am often appreciative when I can come home to a quiet house and chill.  No T.V.  No radio.  Nothing!  When I have to go from one thing to another to still yet another, I have to time to let my hair down and just quiet my mind.  A Day of Rest is a good thing, so enjoy yours!


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