Our Zoo

If you visit our house, you will discover we have our own petting zoo…….images

2525506    Coby is our almost 10 year old chocolate lab we acquired from my husband’s uncle.  He can be fiercely protective one minute and a big baby the next.  My son had filled his kindergarten journals with how he had wanted a dog.  My husband’s uncle’s dog had a litter and he had us come over and pick one out.  Coby was the pup that came to Tyler first, so Tyler chose him.  Unfortunately, we discovered he has at least one mast cell tumor and possibly a second.  Currently he is behaving normal, so we are just watching him.  His family all passed from cancer so it has been a concern.  He is much adored by the entire family.  Coby loves a good game of Tug-o-war and well as “Search” for a toy, bone or whatever.

7652127   We got Tyson from a pet rescue called Friends Of All Animals.  We had bought him for our youngest daughter for Christmas.  He is very vocal about what he wants when he wants it.  He is spunky and cunning, yet can be affectionate….. when he chooses to be…..which isn’t very often.  He is the epitome of the word, Catitude.  Tyson will be three this summer.

2802063   Bear and Bentley are our Dumbo Rats.  Bentley, the white one, tends to be the mischievous, curious one while Bear, the black one, likes to eat…. and sleep.  For the most part he seems the most laid back….. unless the cat is around or the dog is getting on his nerves.  Then he turns into a tiger.  I have to admit, I was not too keen on the idea of rats, but these little guys have grown on me.  When they see me approaching, they come running for treats.

5152635   Next we have Oreo and Peanut, our gerbils.  Their hobbies include chewing, burrowing, interior decorating and, did we mention chewing?  Oreo, of course, is the black and white gerbil and Peanut is her brown colored sister.

153073477     Finally there is Jake, the goldfish. Jake refused to be photographed, so this pic is courtesy of Wikipedia.  Jake loves to swim, float, dive and eat goldfish food.  He has been well schooled in fishy ways.

What pets do you own?


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