My Baby Brother Is Turning 28?!! No way!

4709693676_8020172818   When my mother was 41, she discovered she was pregnant.  She went through an array of emotions…. from surprise to disbelief to shock to hysteria before finally settling down to accepting it.



5179300     When Justin was born on March 3, I was 19.  I had just graduated from high school and had gotten a job and a boyfriend.  My sisters were also nearing the end of their high school years.  It was like having a whole new family.  I was around the first three years of his life, but then I got married and did not see him near as much.  In fact, when my parents were raising him, none of us were around a whole lot.

2811282   It was understandable to feel like he could not relate to us nor us to him. Recently, though, he and his girlfriend have started coming around during family get-togethers which I am happy to see.  In fact, the not so great photo to the left was at the last family gathering where they were playing a rousing game of UNO DARE.

  So here is to you, Baby Brother! Happy birthday!  I love you!



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