Winter Wonderings…….

4403642The month of February is halfway over and spring is soon awakening.

 I always love seeing the blooms and sights of spring.  However winter can have its beauty as well.  Currently we are on the tail end of a good old-fashioned blizzard.  When I went into work last night, it was beautiful…. sunny…. decently warm for winter.  When I left three hours later the wind blowing snow so hard, it was impossible to see if my headlights were even working.  This morning very few churches were opening, electing to keep their parishioners safe. Our church cancelled first service but allowed second service for the diehards.  My husband, youngest daughter and I decided to stay at home.   My son is currently on a retreat and I hope he is keeping warm as well as my college aged daughter.

For those who embrace winter check out my other Facebook Page…..Let It Snow!

I created it for a friend who loves winter.

Snow Removal


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