Chronic Pain

images (2)     One of the things I have been dealing with lately is chronic pain.  I have been unofficially diagnosed with fibromyalgia but will soon be taking tests to make sure it is not from something else.  I often see things on Facebook about ending chronic pain.  Unless one is paralyzed, chronic pain will not really end until one is dead and travels to heaven where there is no sickness or pain.  Part of having chronic pain is learning to deal with it and trying to manage it.



1261535     I don’t want to discount the pain.  The pain is real.  The photo at the right is how your body feels with this pain.  I was not in a big hurry to elevate my meds because I was told by a friend that after awhile nothing works.  I just know every morning it hurts to move and it is better forecasting than a weatherman.

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