3507583 Whenever I would take my kids to the grocery store, they always wanted to stop and look at the lobsters. I find that is pretty common with kids. As a second part time job, I, also, work in the seafood section of a local grocery and I find it amusing to watch all who stop by the lobster tank. Last night I was cleaning out the fish case for the evening when I heard the following exchange.

JAKE:  I want to stop and look at the lobsters.
LADY: Okay, stop and look at the lobsters…… (a few seconds later) Okay, “Jake”, time to go!
JAKE:  Just wait, I’m looking at them!
LADY: (few seconds more) Okay, let’s go!
JAKE: Wait! You gotta’ see what this one is doing with its mouth!
LADY: I don’t care what it is doing with its mouth or any part of its body! LET’S GO!…………Come on, Jake!!…….Jake!
JAKE: Oh fine!

With that he gets up off his knees and hurries to catch up with his………wife.   Yes! Jake was a grown man!  But you would be surprised over the amount of adults who also stop and look.
One of the reasons I was not sure if I wanted to work in seafood was not because of the smell, but because of possibly having to kill a lobster.  The thought of putting a live lobster into the steamer and burning it to death just did not sit well, but I thought, “Alright, if I have to, I have to.”  So far, though, I have not had to sell a live lobster.  I did figure out what creeped me out about them.  Take away the claws and they remind me of a roach.  Anyway, one day two young guys stopped by and I could see them having a whispered conversation at the lobster cage.   When I approached, they shook their heads at me and walked away.  Ten minutes later they returned and held another discussion.  Finally the one turned to me and asked how to cook one.  I told him I had never cooked one but I could find out from a book we had.  He stood there making funny faces and I was not sure what he was thinking.  Then he admitted that he did not want to have to kill one.  Pushing back the laugh, I told him I understood and offered to steam it.  His face got white and he shook his head quickly. “Never mind, I don’t want it.”  I assured him I knew exactly how he felt.  I was glad later I did not push the lobster on him when I was told that when you first put them in boiling water, they let out a little scream.  That would totally make me sick.  Not sure what would  if I ever have to actually steam one.


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