You Know Your Sixteen Year Old Son Has Too Much Confidence Learning To Drive When..


   My son turned 16 last month.  Is it a coincidence I also had to increase my anxiety meds?  LOL. JK.  Actually, he’s not doing too bad….. in fact, his over confidence is what I’m worried about.

However you know your new driver’s confidence is exceeding your limitations when:5805201_orig


SON:  Ooooo! Pedestrian!
PARENT: No, you do not get points for hitting a pedestrian! … except against you!
SON: Can I turn left? Do I have right of way?
PARENT: Only if you feel you can make it….
SON:  (Floors it) Woo hoo!
PARENT: (attempts to remove his/herself from side window)
SON:  Oooo! A bus! Do I get points for that?
SON: What about if I make him get off the bus?
SON: What about if I make him fly into the windshield?
SON: (Pulling into his school parking lot – he slams on brakes)  Quick! FBI switch!
PARENT: Will you PLEASE put the car in PARK first?!
SON: But they don’t do that in the FBI!

See what I’m dealing with here?!!!
Please pray for me the next several YEARS!  I’m gonna need it!



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