Trail Of History

Gasp! No! Tell Me It Ain’t So!

9850467_orig  When I was a child….. many, MANY years ago, my parents were driving us around upstate Pennsylvania and my mother thought she just has to stop at the Drake Oil Well near Titusville, Pennsylvania.  It is one of the oldest oil wells in the US.  It is so marked by a sign bearing “Trail Of History.”  My mother thought it was so interesting that she whipped out her AAA handbooks and looked up more items on the Trail Of History.  After that, it became somewhat of a joke, even to her.

This weekend my husband and I decided to take our two younger children on a mini-trip to Valley Forge at my son’s suggestion.  As I found myself researching it on the web I thought, “Oh, it would be so cool if we could also go to where Washington led his troops across the Delaware.”     Reality hit me like a bolt of lightening.  I wanted to go on my own….Trail of History!  I was becoming my mother!  I wanted to cry.


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